Who is The Princess?

About me?

This is the hardest part to tell.

You know my name, Ain.

  • I’m turning 25 y/o on this 25th July 2014. Currently a loser engineer, who works somewhere in Johor Bahru. 
  • I fall in love with a seafarer, which is now my fiancé. Counting months to be his one and only? Insya Allah. He is my best friend that I ever had in my life. And I wish to have him as mine, forever and eternally. Mind to pray for my wish to come true, please? ;)

Anyway, I’m just a girl, like you. Nothing much interesting about me. Not a pretty lady that can provide you with up-to-date fashion , not even a traveller that can help you on useful tips, and I cant even give you any idea on make-up. This blog is a place where I can write, express my feelings and such like a diary to me. And yes, last but not least, my place that I can pretend to be a princess? HAHA!

I am just me, myself! J