Monday, September 14, 2015

Life in JB: A weekend with family



Again, the family came here on last weekend!

1st year I live in JB, they came here and we went to USS by staying at Mutiara Hotel and dinner at Stulang.

2nd year I live in JB, they came to take my SIL jalan-jalan Johor. we just went to JPO, dinner at Restoran ZZ yang famous dgn sup tulang. Lastly lunch at Lat's Place.

This is the 3rd year I love in JB, they came to see my place where I live after got married.

Ok kali ni dah blurr habis nak bawak diorang pegi mana. At the end, cuma pergi rumah maklong sebab abah nak jumpa kakak dia. Then grab minum petang dekat pasar Taman Universiti. Goreng pisang, keropok lekor dan cendol di petang hari bersama family. Nothing goes wrong when you're with them. For dinner, we went to Bigfood.

That's my weekend. And now I miss my Popeye. 15 days since you sail away from New Orleans. Where are you?

Good night.

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