Friday, July 29, 2011

Malaysia vs. Singapore

i have nothing much to say.
you guys can read on your FB home.
or even your Twitter timeline.
i read until im bored and really tired.
because it's too much.

here, i just wanna share some of my photos.
that will remain as memories.
thanks. everyone who involves.

Monday, July 25, 2011

25 july 2011; turn out to 22.

helo people.
today again, my birthday.
i turn out to be 22 years old now.
life getting more challenging years by years.
but, the happiness are everywhere.

this year, mr. love was not here, by my side.
its really sad. a birthday without cake with him. again.
but guest what?
im still get a surprise birthday celebration!
made by supervisor of my internship and 3 pretty ladies from Fly FM.
they really made me smile, and CRY!
im touched.
you know? i just get to know them in about 3 months.
and they are really nice! how can i leave the memory?
i can guarantee, i'll miss you guys so much.

to the most kind supervisor, thanks for the treat and this;

next, thanks to my pretty friends aida idayu and intan maisarah.
for dropping by at One Utama, Bandar Utama.
just to give me this?
you both make me love you even more! 

no matter what, i love being myself.
people around me are so nice and kindhearted. 
even i just met them for a short while.
now i know, the world surrounded by love. everywhere, anywhere. :)

p/s: thanks for almost 300 wishes via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and BBM. (perasan sangat disayangi la pulak)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

a big thanks to a pretty cyber friend!

hai semua kawan-kawan! apa khabar?

*mood nak tulis bahasa melayu*

kebelakangan ini. saya sangat sibuk sampai kononnya tiada masa untuk mengemaskini blog.
kalau nak kemas kini pun, main tibai je sebab nak cepat.
maka ayat yang tertulis adalah tunggang-langgang.
jadi, maafkan saya kalau anda rasa penulisan saya menyebabkan anda menyampah nak baca. :)

*mood nak pakai bahasa rojak*
okay, seperti entry sebelum ni, saya dapat coklat dari si cantik.

Puteri Hati

siapa cakap kawan cyber tu tak boleh dibuat kawan sebenar?
she's kind, nice and pretty!
tak memilih untuk berkawan dgn sesiapa.
asalkan ikhlas. kan sayang?
terima kasih banyak sebab tunaikan gurauan saya nak coklat dari Langkawi.

p/s: me love you. never ends the friendship okay baby? *hug*

Friday, July 22, 2011

Incubus Live in KL 2011

hey people. tomorrow will be the day for Incubus Concert Live in Kuala Lumpur.
July 23, 2011
anyone here gonna catch them?
yeahh. i am not going.

1. i have to work tomorrow morning
2. i have no tickets for the concert.

what a sad story right?

but it's okay then.
last week we had an event, Outdoor Broadcast for FLY FM.
it is conjunction with the Open for Incubus.
5 bands went for battle.
guest who won the battle?
ROSSEVELT! (if im not mistaken, sorry im not into bands)
so you guys will also meet them tomorrow night.
for those who got tickets, enjoy your night baby!

p/s: next, i wanna tell you a pretty blogger who is so nice! she gave a chocolate yesterday! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kisah Dongeng- Stacy

Have you guys listen to this song?
Yeah, i know im a bit late. Just fall in love with it.
The lyric is so beautiful and touched me.
Dear God, thanks for give me a chance to know him.
The one who can accept me just the way I am.
At a time that Im totally down and upset, feel so lost, at a time that im fail to do anything,
He will always be there, by my side. Pulling me up and give me strength.
Again and again.
May both of us can be together, now and forever.
How I wish I can tell you that I miss you? 

Ku sedar ku tak seberapa
Jika dibanding mereka
Yang jauh lebih megah dari diri ini

Apa yang mampu ku berhias
Hanyalah hati yang ikhlas
Terpendam simpan untuk dia yang sudi

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa
Dalam waktu sedu
Dalam waktu hiba
Ku harapkan dia rela

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Sanggup menerima insan tak sempurna
Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya
Kisah dongeng saja

Belum pernah ku merasakan
Dipeluk dalam dakapan
Eratnya melindungi jiwa rapuh ini

Sanubariku memerlukan
Kehadiran seorang teman
Tulus mencurah kasih sepenuh hati

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa
Dalam waktu sedu
Dalam waktu hiba
Ku harapkan dia rela

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Sanggup menerima insan tak sempurna
Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya
Kisah dongeng saja

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

hey gorgeous!

hey people that i love!
just wanna make a quick and short update.
wireless at home is now okay and can be used as usual.
thanks to my big brother for the new modem and all settings!
after this, i can do blogwalking and update frequently!

so now im sooo sleepy and tired.
working all day and WATCHING TRANSFORMERS.
so, night lovers! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sekali Lagi, Cinta itu milik kita.

kepada kawan-kawan yang teringin nak tengok cerita ni,
pergilahh. saya rasa movie ni tak mengecewakan.
ada unsur yang boleh buat anda ketawa, menyampah, dan mungkin menangis kalau korang jenis yang cepat touching macam saya. 
it's not bad, its okay to be enjoy with.
boleh bermain dengan emosi tengok movie ni.

saya tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi, cuma saya harap kisah cinta saya tak jadi macam ni.
sangat menderita. kalau tak kuat, boleh jadi gila kot?
lepas ni nak tengok cerita apa eh?
nak tengok free please~
siapa nak belanja sila mesej number saya eh? :P

it's July again!

Helo July!
Welcome back. Heeee. :D
I loveeeee July.
But i hate it as well!
Especially this year.
Why? Let me tell you guys. J
Actually, this month is the month when im getting older.
Yes, means it my birthday month!
But, he is not here, no celebration at all this year. Maybe i need to have a cake, alone?
Hmmm. Its okayy. This is what we call life. Things shouldnt be nice all the time right?
Anyway, he already gave me advanced birthday present!
Guest what??????????? Yeahhh!

BlackBerry Bold 2. Thanks dear darling!
But of course, it will be much better if you can be here on the day.

So, later on i’ll be 22 years old. J
Can i tell you a secret? My wishlish!
·         Perfume; it can be Issey Miyake (Floral), Lancome (Tresor in Love), or anything will do!
·         Iphone and BlackBerry case? Cute one okay!
·         And many other stuff.
Its okay. Just kidding. I know i wont get it if i have no money.
Need to buy it by myself anyway.
Thanks for the reading people. Yes, i do miss you. All of you. Till the pen meet the paper again.
Bye. Hugs and kisses. J