Saturday, December 31, 2011

thank you, goodbye. and i'll miss you.

morning sunshine!
it's the very last day of 2011. 
happy Saturday people. 
what's the plan for this weekend?
or new year's celebration?
31st December come again. but then again, the year keep changing. 
and age is becoming older years by years. 
welcome 2012!

yesterday i missed my dad belated birthday celebration. 
he's turning 51 on Dec 28th 2011. 
happy birthday dad! may God bless you and always be healthy. 
i love you!
so today, i missed the wedding reception of my uncle. 
but still, i went for last week's reception. 
so it's nothing much to miss this one, i think. 
congratulation for you wedding anyway! may this one will last forever.
tonight? i'm hoping to have a great time with my friends! 
BBQ, we're coming. :)

anyway, talking about 2011. 
there's so much thing that happened in our life. right?
>> Popeye the sailor-man started working. 
>> my big brother graduate and now is a working-man. 
>> my sister now is no longer a student at school. 
>> my internship, the moment that i'll never forget at Media Prima Radio Network; HotFM FlyFM OneFM
>> and some other else that might be memorable for me in person. 

too many things, i'd experience myself, teach me to be matured in life. 
best or bad memories. it'll turn up to be the best moment in life, one day. 
only God knows the best for all of us. 
goodbye 2011!

p/s: darling baby, i wish you could be here. it's almost a year. happy new year. 


storyfromme said...

selamat tahun baru :)

ainraus said...

selamat tahun baru jugak! :)