Friday, July 29, 2011

Malaysia vs. Singapore

i have nothing much to say.
you guys can read on your FB home.
or even your Twitter timeline.
i read until im bored and really tired.
because it's too much.

here, i just wanna share some of my photos.
that will remain as memories.
thanks. everyone who involves.


Amirah Suhana said...

sabar k..ramai kecewa ,,mungkin xde rezeki :( xpe...msia tetap dihati kita semua kan.

ainraus said...

yeah. i dont mind about the result much. but i just a bit kecewa. tak payah nak kutuk atau maki sgt laa pemain tu. they did their best. hmmm. :)

LubLy said...

time nieh pun lebly pun happening..