Saturday, July 2, 2011

it's July again!

Helo July!
Welcome back. Heeee. :D
I loveeeee July.
But i hate it as well!
Especially this year.
Why? Let me tell you guys. J
Actually, this month is the month when im getting older.
Yes, means it my birthday month!
But, he is not here, no celebration at all this year. Maybe i need to have a cake, alone?
Hmmm. Its okayy. This is what we call life. Things shouldnt be nice all the time right?
Anyway, he already gave me advanced birthday present!
Guest what??????????? Yeahhh!

BlackBerry Bold 2. Thanks dear darling!
But of course, it will be much better if you can be here on the day.

So, later on i’ll be 22 years old. J
Can i tell you a secret? My wishlish!
·         Perfume; it can be Issey Miyake (Floral), Lancome (Tresor in Love), or anything will do!
·         Iphone and BlackBerry case? Cute one okay!
·         And many other stuff.
Its okay. Just kidding. I know i wont get it if i have no money.
Need to buy it by myself anyway.
Thanks for the reading people. Yes, i do miss you. All of you. Till the pen meet the paper again.
Bye. Hugs and kisses. J


intan.maisarah said...

aku hp torchlight aje~

ainraus said...

errr. takpee. boleh buat call and msg jugak kan? :)