Monday, July 25, 2011

25 july 2011; turn out to 22.

helo people.
today again, my birthday.
i turn out to be 22 years old now.
life getting more challenging years by years.
but, the happiness are everywhere.

this year, mr. love was not here, by my side.
its really sad. a birthday without cake with him. again.
but guest what?
im still get a surprise birthday celebration!
made by supervisor of my internship and 3 pretty ladies from Fly FM.
they really made me smile, and CRY!
im touched.
you know? i just get to know them in about 3 months.
and they are really nice! how can i leave the memory?
i can guarantee, i'll miss you guys so much.

to the most kind supervisor, thanks for the treat and this;

next, thanks to my pretty friends aida idayu and intan maisarah.
for dropping by at One Utama, Bandar Utama.
just to give me this?
you both make me love you even more! 

no matter what, i love being myself.
people around me are so nice and kindhearted. 
even i just met them for a short while.
now i know, the world surrounded by love. everywhere, anywhere. :)

p/s: thanks for almost 300 wishes via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and BBM. (perasan sangat disayangi la pulak)


Ecah said...

spread the love yawww!

mizzCloudy said...

assalamuaikum hai cantik blog kamu ;)

msredcheesecake said...

Hepi belated bday...skullcandy itu sungguh ohsem...

ainraus said...

ecah. i miss you friend! :)

misscloudy. thanks you so much! :)

msredcheesecake. thanks dear! :)