Monday, May 2, 2011

happy birthday love!

it already 2nd of May 2011!
you are now officially 22 years old afiq!
do you realize how fast time is running?
i knew you since we were 13 years old.
means? you and both already know each other for almost 9 years.
it's too much memories between us.
the memories and experiences in life teach us to be matured enough right?
i appreciate your presence in my life.
and i really wish that you'll be mine, just next to me always and forever darling!
just dont leave me, as your promise. okay dear?

i am sorry for celebrating your birthday one week earlier.
the surprise specially planned for you. i hope you love it and never been forgotten.

sorry guys. the pictures are a bit blurr. 
but the moments are important right?
thanks for all who helped me and joined us on that night.
may all of us stay on the friendship forever! 



HaNiEeZ said...

wah..9 tahun tu..congratz! hepy besday..;)

ainraus said...

thanks hani! :)

Cahaya bulan dua kali said...

tgk la petua sape die pkai...hanieez nk cm tue ke..kna la berkasih sayang lpz nie..cm2 surprise akan ada... -mr planning-

msredcheesecake said...

happy bday tuk dia jugak....muga kekal sampai bila2...

ainraus said...

cahaya bulan 2 kali @ zuri. tolong lahh jangan nak mengayat kat sini. anyway, thanks for the plan!

msred. thank you so much! :)

Nadia Yusoff said...

Hehehee... Dekat2 bday ur boy ngn epul.. Anw, happy bday to afiq! ^^ (Btol x nm die tu? Huhu)

ainraus said...

NAD. betul sayang! thank you anyway. :)

*angelfromthedark~ said...

semoga berbahagia selalu :)

ainraus said...

IEHA, thank youuu. :)

yanacraftshop said...

hepi belated burfday 2 afiq!
may both of u stay together til da end =)

intan.maisarah said...

aku tunggu kad kawin
yang comel
ada tulis nama ko
dengan afiq

ainraus said...

YANA. thank youuu! macam mana nak contact yana ni?

INTAN. terima kasih kawan! insya Allah berpanjangan. :)