Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Karak Laluan Puaka?

helo people!
anyone miss me?
yeah. i know there's none of you, right?

anyway, it's been a long time i didnt update any entry.
im sorry baby blog,
for ignoring you for quite some time.
im a busy woman now.
*cewahhhhh. okay, mood perasan dah datang*

maka, seperti entry di atas.
saya dapat invitation pass untuk Screening of Karak Laluan Puaka.
dapat dua pass je. so maaf la kawan2 tak dapat nak ajak ramai2.
ini pun atas ihsan Engineer kat Radio Network tu haaaa.
*thanks Hasrul my supersenior*

how's it?
yeah. first of all, my apology.
this is really my personal opinion. 

i'd put a high expectation on the movie.
seeking differences from others. 
the uniqueness of production and the storyline.

but a bit disappointing me.
you can predict what gonna happen next.
what is happening. it's not that really thrill as i thought.
the main idea is basic stories of Karak highway that you can read in the internet.

anyway, as usual, KRU production always put the technology and effect on top of the project.
overall, its good to be watched. but lower your expectation a bit.
then maybe you can enjoy the movie!

till then, see you later lovers. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

my very first day! :)

helo people! its been a while i never update this blog, right?
dont you miss me?

anyway, today was my first day of internship at Media Prima Berhad!
being part of the members in Radio Network Engineering is really fun!
it's exciting to know that you gonna work in a challenging field.
i just cant wait to learn more new things!
but at the same time, of course im a bit nervous.
because i am not a brilliant student who has a strong knowledge in all this kind of thing.
trouble-shooting the problems and solve things.
there's so many things that i have to learn and get to know all about.

but no matter what, people around me are really nice and friendly.
the attire also does not need to be formal!
its the most interesting part as i can wear jeans and tshirt! :)

i wish i can do my best to learn new things!
the most precious experience in life. :)

p/s: sorry. there is no photo yet for the internship. later okay guys? 

Monday, May 2, 2011

happy birthday love!

it already 2nd of May 2011!
you are now officially 22 years old afiq!
do you realize how fast time is running?
i knew you since we were 13 years old.
means? you and both already know each other for almost 9 years.
it's too much memories between us.
the memories and experiences in life teach us to be matured enough right?
i appreciate your presence in my life.
and i really wish that you'll be mine, just next to me always and forever darling!
just dont leave me, as your promise. okay dear?

i am sorry for celebrating your birthday one week earlier.
the surprise specially planned for you. i hope you love it and never been forgotten.

sorry guys. the pictures are a bit blurr. 
but the moments are important right?
thanks for all who helped me and joined us on that night.
may all of us stay on the friendship forever!