Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LOVE : i miss the memory

do you ever believe,
love at a first sight?
i don't know.
am i fall in love you at a first sight?
i'm getting know you by your name.
only then i know who are you.
yet, i don't love you.
it's just a special friendship.
people keep talking about us.
wishing, challenging.
that both of us can make it as a real relationship.

i do, admit that i'm ego.
i'd let you go.
at the same time,
i wish you knew that i keep missing you.
trying so hard to get you out of my mind.
jealousness with all the rumors.
and i'm the one who walks away.
put a distance between us.
real apart.

nevertheless, the destiny bring us back.
together get into a relationship.
which at the moment i realize,
i need you more than anyone.
i can't love others. only you.
thanks to HIM.
letting us to continue the love story.
may you and me both be blessed.
love happily aver after.

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