Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fly FM Cupid Catch

it's a Fly FM outdoor broadcast.
which is the first time happened in Malaysia for broadcasting from two different places.
One Utama and Sunway Pyramid from 12 p.m. till 6 p.m.

i was being asked to join the team for Engineering department.
even though im gonna start my internship on May 9,
but my supervisor recommend me to join and learn about the system.
its a bit tiring since i have to stand all the way controlling the system.
but its a new thing and i had so much fun okay!
really exciting!

thanks sis for your accompany. 

jom. jom. pergi kerja la kalau dah tukar baju. :)

thanks Mr.Simon for the shirt.
it really suits me for the size. :)
and those awesome DJ; zher, hunnymadu, hafiz and ben.
its a regret of mine for not taking photos with you guys.
but thanks for all the guidance.

cant wait to meet you guys on May!


sophie said...

Cantik T shirt.. ;p

ainraus said...

heeeee. :)

Tapak Kaki said...

t-shirt tu tak da lebih ke?hehe

ainraus said...

ada kot. mari kerja dengan kami dulu. :P