Friday, February 11, 2011


i am sorry for not updating this blog for the few days.
its only a couple of days he's being away from me.
but i already had a bad fever.
i cant sit for the Quiz.
i hope with the medical certificate, i will be given a chance to take it later.
another thing, next week the mid-terms are all around.
yet i cant even to start my revision.
i wish i can get well very soon.


HaNiEeZ said...

get well soon dear..=)

sophie said...

Sihat cepat!! kalau x kene g klinik..=)

ainraus said...

hani. thanks a lot dear.

sophie. i dah pegi klinik babe. huhuhu.

x0x0 said...

alalala~ tomey nyew windu smpai demam.. *wink*

ainraus said...

babe. huuu. mati lah i kalau asik demam je bila rindu dia. :(