Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tag from Puteri Hati :)

it has been such a long time since i was being tag into this by a pretty lady named Syue.
sorry darling.
i've been busy with study week and Final Exam.
and now only i have plenty of time to answer your tag. :)
i have to write 25 random things about me. 
*could it be more less?*
here it is for you, Puteri Hati

1. i am a girl with a dimple.

2. i have an elder brother with one year older than me, and a litle sister who is going to take her SPM next year.

3. i love pink color. my friends sometimes tired with crazy into pink thingy.  *sorry for making your eyes a bit blurr*

4. i am chocs-lover!

5. i can never play any musical instruments.

6. i love watching movies or drama, less on sad story line. *its because i hate crying in front of people watching the same thing*

7. my mom is kelantanese who used to stay in KL since she was kid. my dad is from N9,yet i can eat spicy food. * stomach ache*

8. i am still learning to use make up and heels. *please do teach me*

9. i am not an up-to-date person in fashion.

10. my hair is not straight yet not curly.

11. a bit sensitive, ego and emotional

12. i am not so into korean or japanese. *including movies and dramas*

13. i'd been met an accident when i was not even born yet. *thank God that im still alive*

14. i hate vegetables

15. i hate waiting

16. i'm so jealous with any pretty girl with light skinned. *but im still grateful since i was born perfectly.*

17. cant wait to finish my degree in electronic. *i cant get a good result in this field*

18. i've known my boyfriend since we were in form 1. but seriously be together after SPM.

19. i had been study at those place:
*MGS Brieckfield, KL
*SRA Sri Pantai, KL
*SK Putrajaya
*MRSM Kuala Klawang, N9
*MRSM Pasir Salak, Perak
*Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang
*UTeM Melaka

20. i love to write poems.

21. i love shopping

22. i have a car with Manual Gear. *i wish to have an Auto one just in case i'm stuck in the jamed*

23. i love to know wen people in life

24. i hate to be alone

25. i am not a brave type of person.

thank you. to be honest, i have no idea to complete this task. so tired of thinking. HAHA.
i will tell the person who ganne be tag by me after this. :)

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