Thursday, December 16, 2010

i love you stalker :)

thank you for being a stalker.
i love you
no one cares about me like you do.
*except my family and boyfriend of course*
no one love to see all of my photos,
one by one.
no one really read all my posts.
when you keep talking about me,
means you know everything about me and my life then.

rumors do spreads fast.
but the truth will show itself one day.

p/s: sorry kepada pembaca dan kawan2.
emosi ntah apa2 pulak entry kali ni.


b.i.n.t.a.n.g said...

sooo true. dem. entah apa dorg fikir kan?

- koroe - said...

i like stalker !

hahaha !

ainraus said...

ika. peminat kita tu. hahaha.

koroe. kita kena sayang mereka. :P